100 Happy Days: Week 1

Edit: I started out with a goal to add these lengthy posts once a day. I failed on Day 2. In addition to laughing at myself, I also took my experience as an opportunity to adjust my goals. That’s okay to do—sometimes we set ourselves up unrealistically, and the best approach is to modify, instead of give up entirely.

And that, I suppose, makes me happy.

Long Story

Today, as far as first days of happiness go, started off on a pretty lousy foot.

To begin my journey, I had someone come to inspect our furnace. This was the third scheduled meeting—the first day, no one showed up. Then, even though we rescheduled for yesterday, I was notified that the office mixed up the dates. Today, finally, someone came. And even though he was an hour and a half early and I had to scramble out of bed to answer the door, I was thankful to get the checkup done and out of the way.

Additionally, I received notice that I would need to go into the doctors tomorrow to update my birth control and receive an exam. This wasn’t really good news, with all the time I’d wasted not at work for the furnace. It felt like another big to-do, and with insurance issues and hoops to jump through, it wasn’t something I wanted to deal with right away.

When I finally got to work, feeling overwhelmed and tired, I had the 100 Happy Days challenge in the back of my mind. I could really use that today, I thought. And then I realized, what’s stopping me?

So here I am. And here, lovely world, are the things that have made me happy during week one.

Day 1

  • Finishing my freelance article today by 10 a.m. Thank you, furnace appointment!
  • I gave myself a little extra time to put together an outfit and do my makeup, initiating a tone for my day.
  • I played recreational volleyball, getting in both exercise and social interaction.
  • I made a major decision regarding my birth control; tomorrow I’ll be discussing changing the type of contraceptive I’ve had for almost seven years. While I’m a little nervous for the change, I’m hopeful for a new level of assurance, convenience, and ease. This has brought a sense of relief.
  • I began this new and exciting challenge and jumped right in. 🙂

Day 2

  • I had a Planned Parenthood appointment to discuss a new birth control option. It was quick and easy and the staff was so helpful; I left feeling extremely grateful for the amazing organization and the care they provide.
  • My parents came to town! I went to their Airstream to enjoy a nice homemade, healthy meal. It was delicious.
  • Also got to spend time with the dogs, who were as loving and cute as ever.

Day 3

  • My parents and I decided to go for a hike. We went to Hanging Lake, a world-famous destination right by their campsite. It’s gorgeous, and I was so thankful to take them before conservation efforts tighten up with a shuttle and fee for all visitors. It was also a great workout.
  • We went to see A Star Is Born. This movie is incredible. I laughed, I cried. It moved me, and stayed with me for hours afterward.
  • My parents came over to our house for a delicious vegan burger meal. We also watched a few episodes of Queer Eye (fabulous—everyone should watch it) and played a few games.

Day 4

  • Saturday was an easy, breezy, beautiful day.
  • We went to Iron Mountain Hot Springs, enjoyed a scenic soak in the sunshine, all split a mimosa, and talked to strangers. It was lovely to connect with others, and a pleasure to swim in one of our favorite local hot spots (literally).
  • Lunch was delicious at Local on Cooper. Hooray for the Miso Bowl.
  • Rode the tram up to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. Didn’t ride any of the rides, but got to show my parents how neat it is up there.
  • We went to a new spot for happy hour: Riviera Supper Club. After a glass of wine and a serving of truffle fries, Chad and I vowed to return.
  • Pizza and more Queer Eye rounded out our evening, making for a fun and easy night at home, savoring our the last night with my parents.

Day 5

  • The four of us met up for breakfast at the New Castle Diner. It was nice to see each other before going our separate ways. Plus, my biscuits and gravy were quite yummy.
  • Chad and I enjoyed the rest of the day through relaxation. We continued to watch our current top show, The Americans. I discovered that the two actors playing the main characters are married in real life, which made us feel giddy for a moment.

Day 6 

  • I had a massive to-do list, and I knocked it out of the park. Both for work items and personal goals, I was crossing things off left and right. It’s one of my favorite feelings to bust things out and be productive, so this was a big deal for me.
  • Chad made us a very healthy meal for dinner, and I was very thankful to him. 🙂
  • I went through my ballot and voted! I was so happy to have the time and freedom to look up my local measures (thank you, mail-in ballot) and representatives. I love performing my civic duty, and have lots of hope for this year’s midterm elections.

Day 7

  • I got an IUD from Planned Parenthood. While the insertion was very painful (though brief, thankfully!), I felt so fortunate to have access to health care. My insurance covered the cost, and I will be good contraception-wise for seven years. My nurse was delightful and my doctor was so kind. Also, it was surreal to think that I no longer would have to take a daily pill—the first time since I was 16. Change can be hard for me, but also so, so good.
  • Because I was having cramping pains after the procedure, Chad surprised me with a cheat meal—McDonalds and a chocolate bar.
  • A friend texted me to say that they thought of me after reading an author’s blog. I was so honored to get this compliment, especially from such an avid reader.

Cheers to week 1!

The Tweets

Day 1: I am happy that I finished my freelance article today by 10 a.m. Usually I write them after work and am already far drained before I finish. I’m #happy and proud of myself for getting it done first thing.

Bonus: I also dressed nicely today. It feels good to be put together.
Day 2: got to spend time with my lovely parents, my pups, and a very stylish airstream. #100happydays
Day 3: Went on a gorgeous hike, saw A Star is Born (omg, LOVED it!), and got to spend time with my parents. amazing day with no service 🙂 #100happydays
Day 4: Soaked in local hot springs, met some awesome people traveling through, ate delicious food, rode the tram up to , watched Queer Eye with my parents, and tried a new restaurant for happy hour drinks. 🙂 #100happydays
Day 5: I was able to watch one of my favorite new shows, The Americans. I also found out the two main characters, who play a husband and wife spy team, are also together in real life. for whatever reason, that qualified as a happy moment, lol #100happydays
Day 6: I made a killer to-do list and busted through the items one by one. I was a productive queen. Crossing things off is one of my favorite feel-good activities 🙂 #100happydays
Day 7: I got an IUD! after some insurance struggles I decided to take the plunge with a new type of birth control. Even though the procedure hurt (it was quick!), I was so thankful to have wonderful nurses/doctors and access to this important health care. #100happydays
See you next week, as the happy days continue!

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5 thoughts on “100 Happy Days: Week 1

  1. This is such a cool idea! It’s always nice to sit and find the happy things in everyday. If you would find it hard to upload every day for 100 days you could always write up a weeks worth of small snippets of each day in one post and then post on a Sunday it could be less of a stress for you. Can’t wait to see how you get on with this challenge!
    Alex x

    1. Thank you so much, both for reading and for your advice! I might try the daily thing, and then mix it up for one longer weekly post. I guess we’ll see! I’m trying to look at it like a daily journal, which I’ve always wanted to do but could never really get into the habit. Loving the challenge so far! 🙂

  2. Wow Savannah, this is such an interesting and motivational idea! I think it’s awesome that you took the time to recognize the things you are grateful for, it really is such a mood shifter, isn’t it?
    PS. your life sounds so fun! Especially the hiking part.
    Nicely done keep up the good work xo

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