Here we go: 100 Happy Days

I don’t really think about being happy anymore. It’s just not something that I regularly check. I am more in tune to other realities, like busyness, laziness, or whether or not I’m being enough of an adult. Stress is on my mind a lot. Sometimes there’s longing. But rarely do I pause and point out and reflect my own state of happiness.
There really isn’t a better way for me to change this than the platform I’ve created. This blog is titled Sunshine with Savannah, because I try to find the sunshine wherever I go. Though I think sunshine is an all-encompassing sensation, it does also include a splash of happiness, too.
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The 100 Happy Days project has been on the back of my mind since 2014, when my college roommate tried and failed to get through the entire 100 days. I was interested, but considered myself too busy to try.
That ends now. Here I am, committing to finding my corner of happiness and sunshine at least once a day for 100 in a row.
Feel free to check in and see where I am in my journey. Sunshine, here I come.

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