Show of the Moment: New Series Coming Soon

Look, I love TV.

I get how bad that sounds. As a millennial that worries about kids spending too much time with their faces in technology, I get it. I really do—however, I grew up playing outside and reading in my spare time and interacting with others and, yes, also making time for television.

I was able to witness so many great shows in real time, from week to week. I caught every single episode of The Office (we would gather on Thursday nights in the basement), jumped into Desperate Housewives, and dug my hand into the popcorn bowl during the hour of 24.

When I was a senior in high school, I was gifted with a laptop computer and my brother’s Netflix account. I would like nothing more than to not admit that my life forever changed, but that would be a lie. It did.

The way I, and countless others, consume media is completely different. We have evolved, and we’ve taken our shows with us.

We use the internet to watch television. And when we do, we binge. We binge hard. There’s no longer a week-long waiting period—the next episode is readily available with the click of a button, or, as Netflix has perfected, and automatic roll-through of total and complete ease.

And you’ve probably noticed that the quality of television has also increased. There are no more useless cliff-hangers or (usually) unnecessary plot devices that only fill a weekly time slot, since many shows are now platform-specific and don’t have to deal with the struggles of cable.

So, here we are. I love television, and I watch it often. I unwind on my couch with my husband, recharging my batteries while empathizing with main characters. I over-analyze their decisions, guess what’s coming, and escape into a different perspective.

Welcome to my new series, Show of the Moment, where my love for TV meets my passion for writing. Cheers.



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