Weekender Photo Spree: Local Fall Colors

I live for fall colors.

While autumn often comes with its own set of baggage and emotions, it also brings a full force of beauty. Colorado’s high-altitude leaves never disappoint.

My husband and I have made it our mission to experience as much fall color as possible; this season is short-lived in the mountains. They come with a vibrant rush, and fall to the ground in a moment’s notice.

Here’s to autumn’s colorful spirit, which leaves us in awe. “I feel so blessed to live here.”


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Location: Glenwood Springs, by Sunlight Mountain Resort.




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5 thoughts on “Weekender Photo Spree: Local Fall Colors

  1. Oh WOW! The pictures you have here are simply gorgeous!
    I sure wish we saw more of the fall colors around here.
    We pretty much go from summer to rain to frozen (never any snow, just Cold!)
    Much love,
    ~ Ray

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