Weekends are for pajamas and fall drives


Every once in a while, my husband have a free weekend to ourselves.

As fans of leisure, we usually spend these sacred days lounging around—we’ll sleep in, surf Netflix for a movie or two, maybe play a game of rummy, and stay in our pajamas for as long as possible. We’re two introverts that love to recharge, and sometimes there’s nothing better.

During our last free Saturday, we decided to leave our house for a bit, and take a preemptive fall drive. The autumn colors in our area are notoriously gorgeous, especially near Aspen. It was still early in the season, but we decided to see what Mother Nature had to offer in early September.

The views did not disappoint.

We drove past Carbondale and turned on a lovely road that took us by the backside of Mt. Sopris. In addition to gawking at mansions and expansive ranches, we were also able to admire rolling hills and a blue sky. There were short bursts of autumn color, mostly hues of yellow, that kept our attention.

After our drive, we stopped at the lovely Capitol Creek Brewery in Basalt for a few brews. I enjoyed their guest sour—a refreshing taste mixed with some hops—while my husband had a Belgian White. They have a lovely space and delicious food, in addition to a relaxed and charming atmosphere.

We stopped at Whole Foods for a few macrons before heading home to our sweatpants and my bunny slippers, admiring the scenery, every last mile.

Enjoy our photos from the excursion below.




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