Daily Dose of Sunshine

There’s a popular phrase weaving its way through social media; young people are saying it everywhere, from Tweets to memes to Instagram captions. Users are dripping with both sarcasm and authenticity as they type, “I’m just over here living my best life.”

I’m a young millennial. The culture that stems from viral posts, including memes and Tumblr language, is not new to me. I’ve caught myself saying, “what are those?!” and have used more than one or two hashtags in my time as an internet connoisseur. Part of my job description even includes social media management. A lot of my free time is spent scrolling. I’m no internet novice. And yet—

This phrase, born from the depths of the internet, made from the “youths,” has given me pause.

“I’m living my best life.”

Am I? Should I? Could I?

What’s to stop me?

This blog’s main purpose is to help me figure that out.

Hello, my name is Savannah. I’m a 23-year-old living in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. In the past year I’ve graduated college, moved to a new city, started my first grown-up job, and got married. Amid all the change, I am trying to figure out what adulthood is like—exploring the area, trying new things, figuring out how to spend my free time. And now, I’ll be trying to figure out how to live my best life.

Please join me, if you’d like.



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